Twitter Diplomacy Using Social Media To Spur A Crisis With Mexico

Six days after assuming the oath Six days after taking office, President Donald Trump is facing the first international crisis that his administration has faced. It’s happening on Twitter. In keeping with his campaign pledges to end the illegal immigration of immigrants Trump issued executive order to begin construction of a wall along the border with Mexico and halt federal grants to sanctuary cities jurisdictions that provide safe harbor for illegal immigrants.

Trump justified the measures as essential to strengthening security at home. A nation without borders is not a nation, Trump declared. Beginning today, the United States of America gets back control of its borders. After signing the order, Trump insisted in an interview with the ABC news channel that Mexico would pay for construction expenses at a later date.

Trump’s plan to oblige Mexico to contribute money for its wall thrown the two neighbors into a heated and uncharacteristic diplomatic conflict. Mexico has been a significant all-weather partner of the US and Pena Nieto’s government has been trying to keep the two countries from forming a conflict. Trump however, on the contrary however, has created a situation through his frequent social media activities. Welcoming to the age of Twitter diplomacy.

American Non-Diplomacy Crisis

In the past, diplomacy has not been the most powerful of American strengths. A former UN Secretary-General Boutros Boutros Ghali previously stated that he was astonished to discover that US foreign officials generally see little need for diplomacy. To Americans, Boutros-Ghali claimed, diplomacy is seen by them as a waste of time and prestige and a sign of weakness.

However, thanks to Mexico the president Trump has extended this tradition of American non-diplomacy into uncharted territory. Pena Nieto chose moderation and diplomatic tact to deal with Trump’s aggressiveness. The tactic of conciliation was, indeed, considered an indication of weakness from both sides of the border.

However, the Mexican government’s position is highly extremely delicate. There’s a choice: Pena Nieto endures Trump’s relentless humiliation, or he risks jeopardizing the country’s relationship with the US which purchases 80percent from Mexican exports.

In the end, Pena Nieto did everything possible to please Trump in the hope that he’d be able to moderate his views. Pena Nieto even named Luis Videgaray the unpopular politician who organized then-candidate Donald Trump’s unpopular visit to Mexico as Secretary of Foreign Affairs. Trump replied to the conciliatory gesture which caused a lot of controversy in Mexico in a tweet that said his southern neighbors would be paying for the wall along Mexico’s frontier a little later in order to construct the wall more quickly.

Ramifications The Conflict Crisis

Pena Nieto then tried to warn Trump about the ramifications the conflict with Mexico could bring to The US agenda. By citing the notorious drug dealer Joaquin Guzman Loera, aka El Chapo, as a subtle protest against Trump’s stance in relation to Mexico and the US, Trump exiled El Chapo into the US on the 19th of January just a few hours prior to when Barack Obama’s term was due to expire.

US officials as well as the Mexican public took the time that the expulsion was scheduled. That had been granted for months, to be the result of a Mexican home warming gift for President Trump. Trump White House.

However, a different theory seems more plausible. Mexico was quick to hand over El Chapo to Obama to stop Trump from claiming credit for his extradition. According to Mexican reporter Esteban Illades said in his article, had Mexico had held off the extradition for one more time. Trump might have boasted of his part in arranging the extradition throughout the months of Twitter.

However, Trump did not take note of Pena Nieto’s warning. Two days after his election Trump announced that he would start the process of renegotiating NAFTA. With the presidents from Canada and Mexico and set for a meeting to meet with Pena Nieto on January 31.

Pena Nieto Pena Nieto Videgaray as well as Ildefonso Guajardo the Mexican Minister of Economy in Washington for the purpose of preparing the meeting with Trump. He advised them to avoid either confrontation or submission in talks in negotiations with Trump’s American administration.

Emissaries Had To Arrive In Washington

However, that plan was shattered when, at night before the emissaries had to arrive in Washington. Trump tweeted that Wednesday was going to be the big day for national. Security due to the fact that he was excited about building the wall. Videgaray as well as Guajardo were actually inside at the White House. When Trump left the White House in order to sign an executive directive.

The incident caused outrage across Mexico. Politicians, intellectuals and even citizens of both the left and right, demanded Pena Nieto cancel his visit to Washington.

Mexico’s president responded to this new provocation with a brief video speech. Where he stated that Mexican consulates are now serving as legal aid centers. For those who are not Mexican immigrants living who are in US. He was hesitant to cancel meetings with Trump and said that he’d make. The decision based upon the report of Guajardo and Videgaray.

Another social media blitz from Trump has shattered that wait-and-see plan as well. Even for moderate Pena Nieto the meeting was way too for him. He canceled the meeting with Trump without even holding a press meeting. Instead, he posted on Twitter: This morning we have informed the White House. That I will not attend the working meeting with @POTUS scheduled next Tuesday.

Foreign Minister Videgaray stated, You don’t ask your neighbour to pay for your home’s wall. A telephone conversation among Trump as well as Pena Nieto on Friday morning might allow for a quick cooling-off period. But there is doubt, Mexico as well as the US have entered the era of conflict. The consequences, both in North America and beyond, remain unclear.